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Some assumptions and free commitments from the author:
This site is currently under construction (see the little anim at the top of the page), if you find broken links in this site, do not bother sending me an email as I am already aware of this. The RISC OS part completion level is 90±5 percent.

Happy surfing!
Benoît Gilon

Changes descriptions (reverse chronological order)

June, 4th 2003
January, 25th 2002
New version (v0,3) of CWDSupport with support for DAs (available on RISCOS 3.5 and later OS releases).
August, 7th 2001
February, 4th 2001
November, 26th 2000
November, 6th 2000
from August, 1st to October, 15th 2000
May, 22nd 2000
March, 2nd 2000
November, 11th 1999
October, 26th 1999
AddressB v0.4
October, 14th 1999
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FRAUG Magazine Issue Zero (French language)
A set of articles I wrote at my beginnings on Acorn platforms (in French). You might find them interesting.
  • !HPExplore: A utility to configure a HP LaserJet printer;
  • Local: How to internationalize applications which are using the RISCOSLib;
  • SysCSD: Display of the Current Working Dir in the command line prompt;
  • DelVCod: How to delete a code type environment variable;
  • PCGate: Executing RISC OS commands from the MS/DOS prompt (use of the Acorn PCEm software emulator);
  • Download zone
FRAUG Magazine Issue One
A following to the previous issue (still in French language).
  • !PCCache: Call RISC OS SWIs from inside an MS/DOS program (under the Acorn PCEm software emulator);
  • !UnJustify: Use of the !Flex DDE FrontEnd;
  • !InfoScr: Display some of the settings of the current screen mode (this was the first application I wrote based on the Acorn Toolbox).
  • Download zone.
!TopTen New
An application which mimics the Document submenu from the Windows 95/98/NT desktop. It gives you a quick access to recently opened documents. Current release is 0.6.9.
A programming sample which demonstrates how to use the RISC OS Taskwindow module from inside a WIMP based application.
!AddressB New
A Wimp application which serves as a small address book to me, it is a sample of programming over the GDBM RISC OS module and also behaves as a clipboard data sever (according to Iota/Acorn endorsed clipboard protocol). Documentation is available in English.
An !AddressB companion application, the application displays the clipboard content provided that it can be displayed in text form. The documentation is available in English.
An application suite which provides a concurrent, transactional and homogeneous access to data ressources on RISC OS. Current release is v0.2.2. Online documentation sets are available in English as in French (through at various levels of completion).
My first network application. Works only on RISC PC architectures (and A7000 through not tested). An English speaking documentation is available.
A dynamic handwriting recognition engine (trough currently at its embryonic state).
CWDSupport New
A module to provide Wimp task applications, private copies of system ressource so that they can play with them without interfering with other concurrent applications. New release include support for DAs (available on RISCOS 3.5 and later OS releases).
A set of software ressources to allow both localized and English speaking messages in interactive help windows.
French flagFrench territory module
Allows you to:
  • See dates in french on your desktop;
  • Set alarms with dates in french in the original !Alarm application;
  • Play with other locales (like monetary formats in spreadsheets);
  • Translate newest toolboox applications like !Browse;

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